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Mission Statement

GWPA is a collaborative, inclusive and diverse community of physicians from across the Guelph Wellington OHT, working together with community partners to create an effective transformation of our health system. We support our membership in the pursuit of successful ethical practice, professional excellence and personal/professional fulfillment. We strive to create seamless transitions, improve efficiencies, and foster excellent patient/family care.

Guelph Wellington Physician Association is a partner of Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team

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Doctor's Visit

GWPA Advocacy 2023-24

GWPA is supporting numerous projects within the Guelph Wellington Ontario Health Team to improve physician communication, health system function, and patient care.

  • Improving local digital health tools and communication

  • Physician education events

  • Regional physician recruitment and retention

  • Integrated Patient Care Teams in primary care

  • Mental Health system improvements

  • Connect physicians for shared advocacy across Guelph and Wellington County

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